ACS Dress Code

Shirts - All uniform shirts must be ordered through Astatula Christian School.
Click here to view color choice or print an order form.

Cold Days - Students may wear a solid colored undershirt (short or long sleeved) under their polo. Students may wear sweaters or jackets in class, but they must be left unbuttoned/unzipped.
Sweatshirts must be solid colored and free of embellishments. Approved colors are
Navy Blue, Dark Green, Grey, or Black.

School T-Shirts - School T-shirts may be purchased. School t-shirts are only permitted on Fridays.

Pants and shorts - Approved colors are Navy, Black, Grey, or Khaki. All students may wear knee length, loose fitting, shorts as well as loose fitting uniform type pants. Skinny cut or cargo pants or shorts are NOT permitted.

High School P.E. - Solid color, knee length basketball type shorts. Leggings are not permitted. Shirts must be solid color, Navy Blue, Hunter Green, Grey, or Black. Small athletic logos are acceptable (i.e. Nike, Adidas etc)

Skirts - Girls may also wear knee length, loose fitting uniform type skirts. Solid color leggings may be worn with skirts.
A-line or pencil fit skirts are NOT permitted.

NOTE - Pants, shorts, and skirts must be free of embellishments and be school
uniform style. Belts are required for all students 1st-12th (K5 may wear elastic
pants, shorts, or skirts). Shirts must be tucked in. All students must wear closed toed
shoes. Sneakers or tennis shoes are required for P.E.

Jeans - Students are allowed to wear jeans on Friday’s only

Male Students
A regular boy’s haircut is required for all boys (off the collar, off the ears and out of the eyes). Young men must be clean shaven. No piercings of any sort for boys.

Glasses - Only prescription glasses may be worn. Sunglasses are not allowed in buildings, but may be worn outside.

ACS Dress Code